Ghost Command
Dr. Whatshisname
Episode Number Dvd 02
Production Number 83002
Directed By L.A.Peerce
Written By Marc Richards
Date First Aired 09/13/1975

Dr. Whatshisname was an episode of The Ghost Busters.


Jake Kong

Eddie Spenser

Tracy the Gorilla

Dr. Frankenstein

Frankenstein's Monster



Dr. Frankenstein and his monster return to the world of the living in search of the brain of a simple-minded fool. Oh, Spenser!


  • This is the only episode in which Kong wears a tracksuit jacket instead of his usual waistcoat.
  • Kong implies that Tracy's grandfather was King Kong, and had a very unhappy occurrence at the Empire State Building.
  • The title comes from Zero's message becoming garbled so the Ghost Busters don't know which doctor they're meant to stop.
  • Zero's message is in a strawberry cream pie and Tracy has to turn the strawberry like a dial to hear it.
  • It is stated by Dr. Frankenstein that the cemetery is the doorway to the great beyond. This is why he and his creation have to return there several times to materialize his laboratory equipment.
  • This is one of only two episodes on which Marc Richards is only credited as writer, not as the series creator as well. The other episode being A Worthless Gauze.



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