Eddie Spenser

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Eddie Spenser
Appeared in The Ghost Busters, Ghostbusters
Played by Larry Storch
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Eddie Spenser is in many ways the comic relief of the three "original" Ghost Busters.


He never took things seriously, and would always be the least interested in going to the old castle and such.


Spenser had an ancestor named Edward Spenser who came to America on the Mayflower with his family. He became the head spell disolver of old Salem and broke the spells of the Witch of Salem. Centuries later, The Witch returned to seek revenge on Edward's descendants.

Physical Description

He wears a zoot suit, which includes a large brimmed hat and a pocket watch with a long chain dangling from it.

Ghost busters Live Action Series

He is known for his jokes and clowning around with Tracy.

Filmation Ghostbusters Animated Series

Eddie Spenser Sr. as seen in Ghostbusters Animated Series
As Eddie Spenser Sr., in 1986 he appears as a man in his forties, suggesting to have been submitted to a technological/magical process of rejuvenation.


He was in all the episodes of The Ghost Busters, and in Ghostbusters episodes: I'll Be A Son of a Ghostbuster (Part I), Frights of the Roundtable (Part II) (recap only), The Ones Who Saved The Future (Part V), Father Knows Beast, and Back To The Past.


  • There is a debate which spelling of "Spenser" is current. His name is spelled "Spencer" in the opening credits, but his name is spelled "Spenser" in scripts and on the Ghost Buster's office door.
  • Much of Larry Storch's portrayal of Eddie Spenser can be traced back to his role in F-Troop.
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