Ghost Command
Eddie Spenser Jr.
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Eddie Spenser Jr. is the partner of Jake Kong Jr. of the Ghostbusters (like his father in The Ghost Busters). Sometimes, his clumsiness has gotten him in trouble with Jake and Tracy, However he supports the team by coming along and busting ghosts too.


He is clumsy, lazy, cowardly at times, and he doesn't always think ahead. But it would be wise not to underestimate Eddie, for he has proven himself a capable Ghostbuster, showing great proficiency with the Dematerializer and the Ghost Gummer (his signature weapon). He is also the sincerest of the three; no matter what he does, or what trouble he gets himself into, he always does things for the right reasons.


In contrast to his partner-in-crime Jake Kong, Jr.'s leading man looks, Eddie is every bit the oafish comic relief, from his body type to his messy hair to his clothing.

When out of uniform, Eddie wears brightly colored 1930 style clothes like his father, consisting of a red jacket, blue tie, yellow trousers and blue shoes with green socks.

When in uniform, Eddie resembles the classic World War I ace fighter pilot, though his uniform still has a clumsy appearance. He wears an mustard colored duster with shoulder pads (similar to Jake's safari jacket), brown pants, orange boots, gloves, a brown pilot's cap with goggles and "headphones"--though these never actually did anything--and a larger, bulkier Comm-Link around his neck. Like Jake (as seen in the episodes "The Fourth Ghostbuster" and "Scareplane" at the end of the transformation scene), Eddie has a white undershirt beneath his coat.


His signature weapon is the Ghost Gummer.


In the episode Runaway Choo Choo, Eddie reveals that he had to talk his father into letting him be a Ghostbuster.