Father Knows Beast
Episode Number Dvd 60
Production Number 68060
Directed By Bill Nunes
Written By Earl Kress
Date First Aired 11/28/1986
Animation Company Filmation

Father Knows Beast


Jake Kong Jr.

Eddie Spenser Jr.

Tracy the Gorilla

Ghost Buggy

Jake Kong Sr.

Eddie Spenser Sr.

Old Ghost Buggy

Uncle Dougall




Belfry (moral only)

Prime Evil (mentioned only)

Ghost Command ItemsEdit



Skelevision (moral only)

Equipment UsedEdit

Ghost Dematerializer


Ghost Grenade

Two Way Communicator

Ghost Post

Spellbreaker Mirror

Ghost Pack



Ghost Command


Scottish Castle

Plot Edit

The Ghostbusters get a call from young Willy in Scotland asking for help against Slort, King of the Trolls. Confusingly, Willy claimed that the Ghostbusters had busted Slort before but Jake and Eddie can't remember. Eventually they find out that it was their fathers who busted Slort, 40 years earlier.


  • Slort was busted by the Ghostbusters 40 years ago, meaning that Jake Kong Sr. and Eddie Spenser Sr. have been busting ghosts since 1946. It also implies that Tracy the Gorilla had not joined the team yet at that point as Slort and Tracy have no recollection of each other.
  • In the original shooting script (presented as a PDF on the second boxed set), after the transformation sequence, the Ghostbusters were supposed to drop into the wrong seats in Ghost Buggy, then bounce back up and land in their proper places. This is why Ghost Buggy says "What do I look like, a trampoline?" However, in the finished episode the usual stock animation is used and the trampoline line makes little sense.
  • In the shooting script, Slort uses the following magical chant to summon up the storm winds, which was cut from the finished episode:

"Winds that howl and storms that crash, all that's evil, now report! This castle you will hereby smash, and deliver the revenge of Slort!"


  • Scottish castles do not have alligators or crocodiles swimming in their moats because the climate is much too cold.


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