Ghost Command
Ghost Buggy
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Pat Fraley

The Ghost Buggy is the multipurpose vehicle that the Ghostbusters used. It appears to look like a souped up Ghost Busters Car, however in Father Knows Beast it is revealed that Ghost Buggy was indeed the original car after an extensive overhaul and change of paint.

GB's face is the source of the Ghostbusters logo although in the title logo, he is shown with a cheerful face, something that GB seldom has in the series.


His demeanor is similar to that of a cranky old man. He can often be found snoozing in the garage when the Ghostbusters are unceremoniously dumped into him following their change into the work clothes. when they have to leave on a mission. This startles him, prompting him to complain and protest. Usually he acts like he dislikes everyone, but he has saved Tracy the Gorilla in one episode. He also admitted that his favorite passenger was Belfry the bat in the episode "Outlaw in Laws". He also has a crush on Time Hopper. But the feeling wasn't mutual.

It has never been revealed if the Ghost Buggy's sentience was an artificial intelligence or due to supernatural causes.

Physical Description

He seemed to be based on a Willy-Overland from the 20's, (much like the Ghost Busters Car in the old series). He sported a device that looked like a gun mounted on his hood, but it never got used. A pair of thrusters are mounted on his back. Also to be considered for the model is the 1906 Rolls Royce "Silver Ghost."



He always started out as a automobile in every episode.


Many times he would fly around the world to get the Ghostbusters to far away places.

Time Travel

He went a good many times to either the past or the future.


He was once shown to have an additional train mode which allowed him to drive on rails.


He was also equipped to convert into a boat.

Add Ons


  • The overall design of the Ghost Buggy is obviously inspired by Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or at least the movie version of said car. GB and GEN11 definitely share in common the scalloped wings that fold out from the sides of the car and the (partial) visualization of the "hovercraft/Ghost Boat" mode.
  • Ghost Buggy appears in every episode except Rollerghoster.
  • The Ghost Buggy toy car could be modified into the flight or boat modes seen in the show.