Ghost Busters Car
Appeared in The Ghost Busters, Ghostbusters

The Ghost Busters Car appears in every episode of the Live Action Series, and appears in one episode of Ghostbusters (Episode: Father Knows Beast).

According to The Ghost Busters Dvd Box set it says that "the Ghost Busters' car was a mid-1920's automobile that had been a taxi in Argentina. " In a recent interview Bob Burns confirms that the car is a 1929 Whippet.


Promo Picture from the Box Set


The Vehicle in the cartoon seemed to act a lot like the Ghost Buggy, and in some ways was just like it.

Physical Description

Bob Burns identified the car as a 1929 Whippet. It is white and has the Ghost Busters' logo on the front doors. Later in the animated series it is revealed again and now the logo is on the front and it talks (like Ghost Buggy) and is now red...the two might not even be the same car.

The Ghost Busters Live Action Series

It is the main Vehicle and got them to their cases. Tracy almost always was the driver. It was never shown where they parked it at the Ghost Busters Office, however it was always shown being parked at the General Store where they'd pick up Zero's latest tape.

Filmation Ghostbusters Animated Series


The Ghost Busters Car, also known as the Old Ghost Buggy

Apparently it sat in the garage the whole time under a sheet (though not before getting a new paint-job and a flight-mode upgrade!). Numerous other upgrades were added later.



The Ghost Busters

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