Ghost Command

The Discussion Policy covers what is permitted during discussion; be it social or developing the wiki.


  • 1. There will be no personal information allowed at this wiki. If a administrator sees it, the user will be subject to a ban. Personal Information includes: Mail address, Phone Numbers, Social Security Number (National identification number), and email. While not enforceable, it is also advised not to give out your full name on the wiki either.
  • 2. No Personal Attacks allowed here. While it is sometimes less easy to identify what a personal attack is, one can guess that if the material in question isn't about Filmation Ghostbusters, and seems to reference to a user/race/group that is a sign.
  • 3. Do not resurrect (aka necromance) old conversations for one year old or older. This rule addresses User Talk Page replies.
  • 4. User Talk Pages are not places to randomly bug users. Repeated bugging and add on new conversations are not needed, especially when the owner of the talk page has asked for it to stop. Chit-chat not invited can be seen as harassment if repeated.

General Overview

This wiki is an open place that we feel allows for a neutral and fair space to discuss matters related to Filmation Ghostbusters and its related franchises and community. You should be able to address matters that you feel are important as long as they are not seen as attacks. No discussions should be seen as passé or unimportant.

Behavior on previous sites

If you have been banned or blocked in any site previous, it holds no importance here. This site is a different place from other Filmation Ghostbusters sites and Wiki's; therefore, we look at you based on your edits here. We encourage all in the community to voice their opinions.

Types of Discussions

Note: Articles are not be place for discussion.

User Talk Pages

User Talk Pages are for interaction with a user on the wiki itself. This is the first open line of communication for a user for wiki related issues. However, using the talk pages for general chatter is not recommended, nor are short-word messages. (eg. Hi, Hey, and How are you, Today?)

Blog Posts

Blog Posts are a good way to open up about something Filmation Ghostbusters related. A review of Filmation Ghostbusters related media and wiki topics are among the good topics to use the feature for.

Article Talk Pages

Article Talk Pages are only for discussing about a article. It is not a place for chit-chat of any kind.

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