Ghost Command

This is the Introduction page to Filmation Ghostbusters Wiki. This page is to help new editors and viewers fit into the wiki community. This page addresses beginner mistakes and ways to avoid conflict. Also, this page is suggested for wiki editors new to this wiki.

IP Users

Those that have not signed up for Fandom are considered IP users. While it is okay to edit at the wiki, we strongly suggest signing up to Fandom and getting a log in. In a dispute, it is hard to contact a IP user, therefore usually we forgo warnings, and in some cases we have banned IP users who are seen as disruptive. Bottom line is, sign up.

What is Filmation Ghostbusters?

For those new to the Filmation Ghostbusters franchise, we encourage you to read "Beginners Summary of the Filmation Ghostbusters Franchise" page, which gives a basic idea of the franchise/branding.

For Socializing

Overall, reading the Discussion Policy will give more than enough of a idea of what is expected. A quick look over the Block Policy might be needed too.

For Building the Wiki

Before anything else, be aware that this wiki is an encyclopedia as stated on the "About this Wiki" page. A understanding of the rules of the Wiki will be needed before editing here. Off the bat, reading the following would avoid a lot of headaches:

  • Manual of Style- This is the main page for understanding what is required for editing here.
  • Templates Collection and Guides- While not required for minor edits, it gives a understanding of the articles structures and category tree for the wiki.
  • Discussion Policy- Any team project will require communication to reach agreements on the direction of the wiki and subject matter going foreword.
  • Block Policy- Understanding the reasons for a block is very important. This page lists the reasons.
  • Editing with Source Editor mode, instead of Visual Editor mode- While the wiki does not outright ban the use of the Visual Editor, we do encourage the use of Source Editor. Many errors might occur, and admins do not elect to clean up after said edits.

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