Ghost Command
Created by Marc Richards (characters)

Robby London, Barry O'Brien (adapted for animation)

Executive Producer(s) Lou Scheimer
Starring Pat Fraley
Peter Cullen
Lou Scheimer
Susan Blu
Distributed by Filmation
Group W Productions
Original run September 8, 1986 – December 5, 1986
No. of episodes 65

Ghostbusters (later called "Filmation Ghostbusters") was a animated series aired during 1986-1987, the same time as Sony's The Real Ghostbusters series started (and is likely the source of that show's name). The show is based on the Live Action Ghost Busters of mid 70's. Kong and Spenser's sons take over their father's business with the assistance of Tracy. They were most often called upon to stop the robotic-looking Prime Evil and his gang of spooks in their attempts to conquer the world. Although the show is technically called Ghostbusters, it is called Filmation's Ghostbusters on video boxes to differentiate between it and the movie and its spinoffs. There are, however, times when the series is called The Original Ghostbusters, though this is a rare occurrence. On a Just For Kids trailer for "Heroes, Haunts, and Hilarity," the announcer uses this naming convention.  The Schaper toyline is called From Filmation's Ghostbusters.


In many of the episodes Prime Evil the evil master of Hauntquarters sends his subjects to earth to do some sort of evil doings. Jake Kong Jr., Eddie Spenser Jr., Tracy the Gorilla, along with help sometimes from Futura or Jessica Wray go try to stop Prime Evil. A lot of the times they'd use Ghost Buggy's Time changing abilities to go to the time of the event/problem.

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Main Characters

Tracy, Jake and Eddie about to receive a call to action.

Jake Kong Jr.

Jake Kong Jr. (voiced by Pat Fraley) is the team leader for the new Ghostbusters. His nose twitches whenever a ghost is nearby.

Eddie Spenser

Eddie Spenser Jr. (voiced by Peter Cullen) is cowardly and clumsy, but has a good heart and is always there for his friends.

Tracy the Gorilla

Tracy the Gorilla (voiced by Lou Scheimer) is the same gorilla as in the show The Ghost Busters. He helps out the team with his incredible strength and with the new weapons he invents.

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Eddie ready to gum some ghosts.


  • Ghost Kit is only used by the sr. ghostbusters to carry items.


  • Ghost Buggy (voiced by Pat Fraley) is the Ghostbuster car. He can talk, fly, and travel through time. He often complains about having to work with the Ghostbusters.
    • Fright Freezer is a weapon that the Ghost Buggy would use to freeze ghosts.
    • Dematerializer Net is a net attached to the front that catches and dematerializes ghosts.


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