Main Characters


The Team and Friends

Jake Kong Jr.

Jake Kong Jr. (voiced by Pat Fraley) is the team leader for the new Ghostbusters. His nose twitches whenever a ghost is nearby.

Eddie Spenser

Eddie Spenser Jr. (voiced by Peter Cullen) is cowardly and clumsy, but has a good heart and is always there for his friends.

Tracy the Gorilla

Tracy the Gorilla (voiced by Lou Scheimer) is the same gorilla as in the show The Ghost Busters. He helps out the team with his incredible strength and with the new weapons he invents.

Ghost Buggy

Ghost Buggy (voiced by Pat Fraley) is the Ghostbuster car. He can talk, fly, and travel through time. He often complains about having to work with the Ghostbusters.

Supporting Characters

  • Belfry (voiced by Susan Blu) is a small pink bat who can give off a powerful scream. Likes to tag along on the Ghostbusters' adventures, but they usually try to keep him at the relative safety of the office.
  • Fuddy (voiced by Lou Scheimer) is a magician's apprentice. When the full moon is out Jake can call on him to cast a spell to help, but Fuddy's magic rarely works the way it's supposed to.
  • Corky is Jessica Wray's nephew.
  • Time Hopper is a scooter that Futura uses to get around.
  • Morrow is the brother of Futura
  • Ansabone which serves as their wisecracking phone
  • Shock Clock a cuckoo clock which instead has a pop-out skull
  • Skelevator which they ride up into the machine that changes the Ghostbusters into their uniforms.

Minor Characters

Villain Ghosts and Straight Villains


Prime Evil and Brat-a-rat


Prime Evil and his Ghost Crew

  • Prime Evil (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer) is a robotic-looking ghost wizard. Extremely powerful--the Ghostbusters' dematerializer doesn't work on him unless they can make it stronger. He has trouble saying the word "Ghostbusters" and usually substitutes epithets like "Ghostbunglers."
  • Haunter (voiced by Peter Cullen) is a hunter ghost with an English accent. Often gets in trouble for calling Prime Evil English endearments like "Old Bean" or "Old Boy."
  • Sir Trancelot (voiced by Lou Scheimer) is a knightly ghost. He wields the Trace Lance, the rays from which can knock people out.
  • Big Evil is the nemesis of Prime Evil and is always trying to take over Hauntquarters.

Minor or one-off Villains

  • Flossy is the female Tooth Scary that had the hypnotic guitar.
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