Ghost Command
Jake Kong Jr.
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Pat Fraley

Jake Kong Jr. is the handsome leader of the Ghostbusters (like his father in The Ghost Busters). He has the ability to sniff a ghost before the crew sees one. Usually he is the one that uses the Ghost Dematerializer, and the Spectre Snare.


Usually he is smart and knows what to do in any given encounter, however that's not always the case. He usually will come up with a plan of action for the group to take. Your typical straightlaced hero archetype. He also serves as the straightman to Eddie and Tracy.

Jake seems to be good with the ladies. There is a hinted relationship between him and Jessica Wray in many episodes. However, Jake seems to also have a crush on Futura as well.


He, like Eddie Spenser Jr., wears normal everyday street clothes when not in uniform. Normally, this outfit includes a pink dress shirt, cyan pants, white shoes and pink socks, a blue sportcoat, and a white tie.

When in uniform, Jake resembles the archetypal Safari hunter. His uniform includes khaki safari jacket and jodhpurs, brown musketeer-style boots, the Ghost Pack, and the Comm-Link he wears around his neck. He also wears a large belt with what appears to be a pair of Life-Gard emergency sensors (cf. Ray Stantz from the other guys) attached.

His overall appearance may be based on Rod Taylor's Time Traveler from The Time Machine.


He was trained by his father to be a ghostbuster. He has also been trained in CPR, as he is shown having to revive Eddie who had nearly drowned.


The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Spirit of Aunt Lois" featured a fraudulent medium named Dr. Vincent Bassingame, whose costume bore no small resemblance to Jake's Ghostbusting outfit. Recent interviews have confirmed that this was indeed a jab at the Filmation Ghostbusters.



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