Ghost Command
Jessica Wray
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Susan Blu

Jessica Wray is a reporter and friend of the Ghostbusters. Many times she help them along, and let them know whatever she finds out about a case. A relationship with Jake Kong Jr. has often been implied. She is also known to use a Newscopter to get to place to place. She also has a young spoiled nephew named Corky.


She is a beautiful and smart reporter always looking for a story.


Slender. Red retro-style hair, blue eyes, fair skin, red lips. She seems to always wear the same clothing, including her ochre sport coat, white dress shirt, teal pants, and black high-heeled boots. However, as she wears her dress shirt, her breast cleavage or a middle part of her bra was never shown.


Not much is known about her back history, however she didn't believe in Ghost or Ghostbusting till the episode "The Ones Who Saved The Future (Part V)"


Her surname seems to derive from Fay Wray, the original "damsel in distress" from 1933's King Kong, where Wray portrayed a journalist who met a big ape. It has, of course, been heavily implied that Tracy is a descendant of King Kong, though it is unclear if such references were made in jest.