Ghost Command
Statue of Liberty
Episode Number Dvd 09
Production Number 68004
Directed By Tom Sito
Story By Candace Howerton
Written By Candace Howerton
J. Larry Carroll
Date First Aired 09/17/1986
Animation Company Filmation

Statue of Liberty is the ninth episode in the series. This episode features Grandpa Kong, and a cameo of Jake Kong Sr.

Ghostbusters Involved

Jake Kong Jr.

Eddie Spenser Jr.

Tracy the Gorilla

Ghost Buggy

Jake Kong Sr.

Ghosts Busted

Prime Evil



Brat-A-Rat (non-speaking role)

Underwater Octopus Apparition

Civilian allies

Jessica Wray

Madame Why

Grandpa Kong

Madam Mayor



Ghost Command Items




Equipment Used

Ghost Dematerializer

Ghost Gummer


Madame Why's Wagon



In this episode the Ghostbusters come to visit the Statue Of Liberty as the City of New York welcomes new American citizens, one of which is Grandpa Kong. However, Prime Evil makes plans to take out the statue and replace it with a statue of himself.


Skelevision: "Hi folks, quite a story we sas today. Prime Evil thought he could destroy freedom by stealing the Statue of Liberty, but it's like Grandpa Kong told Jake: you're not beaten unless you quit and you don't lose freedom unless you stop believin' in it. So remember: books, building and statues are all pretty important, but freedom and justice come from our hearts and our spirits. As long as we all believe in them and work for them, they'll last forever, right?"


  • Statue of Liberty was the first script written for this series. The five part story that introduces the characters wasn't written until halfway through production.
  • The Stairs scene looks a lot like a scene in Sony's Ghostbusters film.
  • Supernatural hijinks with the Statue of Liberty would later form a plot point in Ghostbusters II.
  • Mysteria's spectral attack on Eddie would later be reused verbatim--to the point of Tracy using the Ghost Gummer to save Eddie--in the episode The Haunted Painting, except for replacing Mysteria with a Red Raspberry Ghost.
  • Footage from this episode is also reused as a flashback in the episode Tracy Come Back.
  • The "Standard Filmation Octopus" makes an appearance.
  • It is initially unclear whether or not the FGB Ghostbusters are actually based in New York City. The "twin towers" Ghost Command sits under would seem to make it obvious, but their use of the Ghostbuggy's Flight Mode slightly muddies the issue. (Then again, we all know what New York City traffic is like...) The Series Bible's indication that the FGB team operates from California seems to clarify this confusion.
  • Clips from this episode were used in the Ghostbusters Promo Pilot.


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