This is a list of characters from The Ghost Busters Live Action Series. During the shows 15 episode run there was usually a main villain and a sidekick villain per episode.

Main Characters

Ghost bustersFilmation02

Spenser, Kong and Tracy

Jake Kong

Jake Kong (portrayed by Forrest Tucker) is the leader of the group and usually knows what to do in a given event.

Eddie Spenser

Eddie Spenser (portrayed by Larry Storch) works with Jake Kong and usually is the comic relief of the show.

Tracy the Gorilla

Tracy the Gorilla (portrayed by Bob Burns) is the Gorilla/ape that is the third member of the group. While he can't speak or write, he is known to draw, and express his feelings through acting.


Zero (voiced by Lou Scheimer) is a mysterious ally who provides the cases for the Ghost Busters. Each case is presented Mission Impossible style in a recorded message that the Ghost Busters pick up at the local drugstore. Zero is not ever seen throughout the fifteen episodes.

Minor Characters

Villain Ghosts and Straight Villains

Ghost bustersFilmation03

The Phantom of Vaudeville and his dummy

Cameo Characters

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