Ghost Command
The Maltese Monkey
Episode Number Dvd 01
Production Number 83001
Directed By L.A.Peerce
Written By Marc Richards
Date First Aired 09/06/1975

The Maltese Monkey was an episode of The Ghost Busters.


Jake Kong

Eddie Spenser

Tracy the Gorilla

Big Al

Fat Man

The Rabbit



Two gangsters, Fat Man and the Rabbit use a crystal ball to summon the ghost of Big Al Caesar, a deceased crime lord, from the great beyond.

The Ghost Busters receive a message from Zero about the gangsters' activities and travel to the old castle where they overhear them planning to steal the Maltese Monkey, a priceless statue. It turns out Big Al and Spenser look exactly the same, right down to their suits, and Big Al switches places with him when the Ghost Busters go to the museum where the statue is kept to keep it safe. Big Al walks right through the vault door and heads back to the castle with the statue. After a series of chases the Ghost Busters use their dematerializer on Big Al, apprehend the other gangsters by knocking them down with a bowling ball, and return the Maltese Monkey to its rightful owners.





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