Ghost Command
Tracy the Gorilla
Appeared in The Ghost Busters, Ghostbusters
Played by Bob Burns (The Ghost Busters)
Voiced by Erik Gunden (Ghostbusters)

Tracy the Gorilla was the third member in both the teams, The Ghost Busters and the Ghostbusters.


Tracy is a genius-like gorilla who figures often out how to get the Ghost Busters out of a sticky situation, probably explaining why he carries the bag containing all their gear. He can't speak, usually forcing him to convey his intentions via drawing or an impromptu game of charades with his friends.

In the sequel series it's revealed Tracy actually invented some of their newest anti-ghost gadgets. Tracy also displays superhuman strength, up to lifting and throwing a replica of the Statue of Liberty into the ocean with his bare hands. He can also speak snippets of English, usually a grunted "Okie dokie!" when the Ghostbusters ask for his help.

Physical Description

In the original live-action series Tracy is portrayed by a man in a gorilla suit. He often wears a variety of hats. In the animated series he wears khaki shorts, a large backpack in which he keeps a large assortment of ghost busting gear, and a fedora, though he sometimes puts on other hats for the purposes of a joke.

Ghost busters Live Action Series

He plays the part as a comic device in the show. Lots of times he'll side with Spenser when wanting to avoid doing something.

Filmation Ghostbusters Animated Series

Tracy as seen in Ghostbusters Animated Series

To match the new generation of Ghost Busters (the sons of the other two original Ghost Busters), Tracy looks rejuvenated and younger. Tracey as the voice of Lou Scheimer, as Lou in Excecutive Producer.


  • On two occasions, Jake Kong implied that Tracy's grandfather was the infamous King Kong.
  • In his recent interview with the Go-ers, Bob Burns kinda suggested that Tracy comes from the future, being a sort of "mutant" with human intellect.


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